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The Slay is Real: Review of Becca’s and Jaclyn Hill’s Champagne Pop Highlighter

Hello my beautiful Slay queens! I am officially giving a review on Becca’s and Jaclyn Hill’s Champagne Pop Highlighter. Now, if you know me baby, I always want my highlighter to be on fleek and looking lit to the Gods. I have been following Jaclyn on Youtube for years and she has been an immense inspiration for me getting into the groove of my slay and helping other slay queens break out of their shy little shells! Yasssss queen.


On To The Review: I am a Jaclyn Hill fan so I definitely will pretty much swear by anything she puts out in her name. Also, this is a limited edition cosmetic release that will not be out forever so you know I had to get on it as fast as I could and get a few for some of my own slay queens in my inner circle of slayness.

The Formula: Soft, silky, smooth and orgasmic even on the skin. The pigmentation is unparalleled because Becca cosmetics always comes out with an amazing product like their other highlighters.

Application: Be careful with applying this highlighter to your face, or else you’ll go around looking like you fell into a radioactive nuclear pool of God knows what. The wear-ability is not so easy especially for novice MUA’s that don’t have the skill to properly blend.

Price Point: $38 is not that bad especially for the quality you get out of this gorgeous popping product. I’ve seen worse quality at higher prices (not going to bash other brands).

Favorite Features:

  • The color is gorgeous and true to the name of the product. If one could attach golden champagne shimmer to ones face this would be the product to choose from.
  • Cute compact container
  • I look like I cam from Mount Olympus (lit to the Gods!) when I get it just right
  • IT last pretty long
  • I don’t need tons of it for it to go far

make up stlye Jaclyn Hill champagne pop review

Not So Favorite Features:

  • To state it again novice make up enthusiasts will not be saved from no application skills by purchasing this high quality product
  • Can look sketchy at times and irregular
  • Color shade can be very common, not unlike what is already being sold in various places
  • Price can be a bit much for us struggling queens out here
  • Your facial imperfections can definitely be “highlighted” (no pun intended)


Is Champagne Pop For You:

For the seasoned MUA, absolutely! For the novice enthusiast, perhaps you may want to practice a bit before dropping all your cash on high end MU products. Either way, if you feel you want it, then get it no big deal honestly it’s all good.

This is the Official Slay Queen signing off. Keep in touch with me here. Learn a little about me here.

Ciao babes xoxoxox…

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