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To Make up or not to make up? That is the question

Greetings slay queens!

I am more than sure you have heard the news and have seen on social media the argument of make up being the cause and the continuation of low self-esteem. Celebrities like Alicia keys has taken a stance on going bare face to much of her outtings and may I say she looks fabulous hunty! She is surely a slay queen with or without makeup, but there is nothing wrong with getting a little caked up ok.

The bare face isn’t nor should be a revolutionary act,but make up dates back to Egypt when women were enhancing their beauty anyways, with out the influence of westernized beauty standards propagated through the media.

This post isnot meant to be drawn out or long because you can scour the inter-webs and find out more about what is being said and how people are reacting. I want to know how do you feel?

Please comment on this blog or send me a royal message here slay queens

Ciao xoxoxoxo…

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The Top Makeup Trends to Wind Down Summer 2016

Hello my darling Slay Queens! Here are the top makeup trends to wind down summer 2016.

The warm and bright weather may be coming to an end, but beauty wise, you can still finish it

off with style. Whether you are looking for a minimal non-touring or a glitter, this tail end of

summer has you covered. All you need to do is to be adventurous and after all fall will catch up

with you soon enough. So, don’t be the last to try these trends when they come calling your


1.Negative Space Eyelinernegative-space-eyeliner-makeupstyle20


This eyeliner trend has a similar streamlined appeal as the negative space nails. It is quite simple,

but sleek and graphic. It is just like drawing lines in the crease of your eyelids or better still

tracing the outlines of your cut eye. Because the main concentration here is the cut out effect,

your lines must be precise and always stay intact. Ensure you use a long lasting and budge-proof

liquid eyeliner as well as a shadow primer.


Contrary to how a heavy contoured look will make you appear, non-touring is extremely soft. It

makes your skin appear glowing and dewy without it looking dry or super matte. As a matter of

fact, you should be the only one knowing you are wearing it and no one else should even see it.

During summer, most people spend time outside and wear lighter foundation. This makes it look

even more natural. The essentials for non-touring are a tinted moisturizer, a highlighter, and a

luminous shimmer.


Even though summer is coming to an end, sandbagging is still a technique you can use to

accentuate your beauty. This technique entails caking on some loose powder around the bottom

edges of your lips and underneath your eyes to absorb grease for an ultra-smooth matte finish.

4.Color Lashescolor-lashes-makeupstyle20

If you want to indulge in a bit of color play either at a music festival or in the office, the easiest

way is to have a non-black mascara moment. You can attain this by mixing and matching a

bright lash hue such as yellow or combat blue with complementing slashes of eyeliner. If you

want, you can even wear it alone. Get this from me; it is going to make you look cooler 20 times


5.Glitter Tearsglitter-tears-makeupstyle20

Glitter is still around and as hot as ever. What a gift to mark the last days of summer! Whether

you want a stack of sparkle that makes a statement or just a light dusting, covering up your dark

circles with sparkle is real fun. The good thing is, you don’t need much to create your tears of

joy; you just need sparkles and a moisturizer. The moisturizer is to help you make them stick.

6.Glossy Lids

Back in the day, glossy lids was a trick adored by Marilyn Monroe. As a matter of fact, makeupglossy-lids-makeupstyle20

artists during Fashion Week dab Vaseline on top of the contestants’ eyelids as a way of giving

them a glossy finish. Did you know you can attain the same look even when you use lip gloss?

This is where beauty becomes interesting.

In addition to the above trends, you can also go for lip oils. These will give you a wet shiny

finish and nourish your pout. What a nice way to bid farewell to summer!

Inspired by NYFW 2016

May the Slay be with you my queens! Holler at me.

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The Slay is Real: Review of Becca’s and Jaclyn Hill’s Champagne Pop Highlighter

Hello my beautiful Slay queens! I am officially giving a review on Becca’s and Jaclyn Hill’s Champagne Pop Highlighter. Now, if you know me baby, I always want my highlighter to be on fleek and looking lit to the Gods. I have been following Jaclyn on Youtube for years and she has been an immense inspiration for me getting into the groove of my slay and helping other slay queens break out of their shy little shells! Yasssss queen.


On To The Review: I am a Jaclyn Hill fan so I definitely will pretty much swear by anything she puts out in her name. Also, this is a limited edition cosmetic release that will not be out forever so you know I had to get on it as fast as I could and get a few for some of my own slay queens in my inner circle of slayness.

The Formula: Soft, silky, smooth and orgasmic even on the skin. The pigmentation is unparalleled because Becca cosmetics always comes out with an amazing product like their other highlighters.

Application: Be careful with applying this highlighter to your face, or else you’ll go around looking like you fell into a radioactive nuclear pool of God knows what. The wear-ability is not so easy especially for novice MUA’s that don’t have the skill to properly blend.

Price Point: $38 is not that bad especially for the quality you get out of this gorgeous popping product. I’ve seen worse quality at higher prices (not going to bash other brands).

Favorite Features:

  • The color is gorgeous and true to the name of the product. If one could attach golden champagne shimmer to ones face this would be the product to choose from.
  • Cute compact container
  • I look like I cam from Mount Olympus (lit to the Gods!) when I get it just right
  • IT last pretty long
  • I don’t need tons of it for it to go far

make up stlye Jaclyn Hill champagne pop review

Not So Favorite Features:

  • To state it again novice make up enthusiasts will not be saved from no application skills by purchasing this high quality product
  • Can look sketchy at times and irregular
  • Color shade can be very common, not unlike what is already being sold in various places
  • Price can be a bit much for us struggling queens out here
  • Your facial imperfections can definitely be “highlighted” (no pun intended)


Is Champagne Pop For You:

For the seasoned MUA, absolutely! For the novice enthusiast, perhaps you may want to practice a bit before dropping all your cash on high end MU products. Either way, if you feel you want it, then get it no big deal honestly it’s all good.

This is the Official Slay Queen signing off. Keep in touch with me here. Learn a little about me here.

Ciao babes xoxoxox…

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Greetings to my Slayphiles!

You have arrived to the official blog of the slay queen. This is my coming out to the world as a F**kin slay queen. At this blog you will read all about make up, fashion, Youtubers, celebrity gossip, and boys.

Don’t be a stranger and don’t be shy. Comment and like my post and remember to share the slay with your world where ever you go boo!

Next post is going to be a review on the Champagne Pop highlighter by Jaclyn Hill.…

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