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How to survive a one night stand and wake up winning!

What’s poppin my beautiful slay queens? I loved and missed you so much and I have to share this based on my experience over last weekend. I have been working way too hard to come on here and give some of the details of whatmake-up-style-one-night-stand-woman happened last weekend.

This blog is inspired mostly by my personal experience and I know women have asked this question, but have  probably kept it to themselves because the stigma attached to cavalier and liberal queens.




Here are my  tips to winning the one night stand game.

 O.N.S. Make up Survival Kit

ONS stands for ” One Night Stand” btw. If you go out frequently and you have your run in with delicious men while you’re out and about, it is imperative for you to carry a few of these items in your purse as you gallivant the town. If you’re concerned about whether the man you’ll be doing your thing with will still be interested even after you remove your makeup, then you should question whether if you want to go that route. (Word of Advice) You WANT to have a makeup removal routine for ONS’s because you’ll be able to see if your dude is worth it.

If he was attracted to just your make up look and poppin highlighter than you need to re-evaluate. On to the kit.

Items to have:

  • Make up remover
  • Moisturizer
  • Altoids
  • Travel size deo
  • emergency $20 bill
  • Phone Charger
  • Mascara (for the morning)
  • Hair Tie
  • Feminine wipes
  • travel sized tooth brush and toothpaste (not always practical but helpful)
  • CONDOMS (wrap it up ladies) gotta stay safe
  • Gum
  • extra pair of panties

Listen, I know ONS’s aren’t things we classy ladies plan right? wink wink* I get it, honestly I DO, but we must always be prepared because we NEVER EVER know if that random night of fun with our girl friends is going to turn into an amazing ONS where you perhaps, maybe meet the love of your life. If your ONS is nothing more than a chance for you to get some action and nothing more,then fine, who cares about the ONS survival kit, right?


You want to always keep it fresh and ready, just in case you run into each other again in the near future sometime. You definitely do not want your rep going down the drain right? If you do happen to have something big with any one of your guys, where a steamy night sex and passion turn into something quite serious, you want to leave a good first impression.

To that I say do whatever you can to leave that good mark, because you want to definitely go from being the girl of his night to the girl of his dreams, if it so fits you. I only bring it up because there have been many a tale of women meeting their life partners on ONS’s and it turned out magnificent for them.

That’s how I met my guy. He was kind of rebounding and I had to come in like some savior and rescue his broken little heart with an amazing night and then a lasting impression thereafter. We are still together now and have been for the past 5 years or so and I honestly could not ask for more. I write this as an ode to all of my young and fly women everywhere, it can happen to you. It can absolutely happen to you and for you , and most importantly because of you. I’m doing my thing as a MUA in south Florida he believed in me and I will be starting my Youtube channel soon because of everything he’s done for me. He has a business too that he runs and is very successful at.


My beautiful slay queens, stay positive stay strong and I hope this message assisted you on your way to having the best ONS’s to come. I no longer require those experiences now that I am settled and happy with who I am with and moving onto a much more future building chapter of my life. Whatever you do always slay the game and stay true to you. Get in touch with me here and stay updated on my blog.