Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston sing the break up blues

Hello my beautiful slay queens! Today we are going to cover the latest rumor on the shake it off singer Taylor Swift. So her and actor Tom Hiddleston have broken things off after about 3 months of dating. Given her track record is anyone really dropping their jaws over this? Isn’t this typical Taylor and business as usual? I mean, that we are still covering her love life is proving how much of a drag the latest of celeb gossip is at the moment.

“Taylor has a new BF. Oh no., now they’re broken up” yada yada yada….#yawn


Another rebound.


Taylor Swift break up makeupstyle
Taylor Swift with Tom Hiddleston



Is it any surprise really? I mean c’mon. It really isn’t any of our business what Taylor decides to do with her love life or va-jay-jay for that matter. This was definitely. Give it a little more time and some other unsuspecting bystander would have fallen into the clutches of the country black widow spider. When can we all get back to our lives now? like seriously!


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