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To Make up or not to make up? That is the question

Greetings slay queens!

I am more than sure you have heard the news and have seen on social media the argument of make up being the cause and the continuation of low self-esteem. Celebrities like Alicia keys has taken a stance on going bare face to much of her outtings and may I say she looks fabulous hunty! She is surely a slay queen with or without makeup, but there is nothing wrong with getting a little caked up ok.

The bare face isn’t nor should be a revolutionary act,but make up dates back to Egypt when women were enhancing their beauty anyways, with out the influence of westernized beauty standards propagated through the media.

This post isnot meant to be drawn out or long because you can scour the inter-webs and find out more about what is being said and how people are reacting. I want to know how do you feel?

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Ciao xoxoxoxo